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Google Cloud and CERT-In collaborate to provide government employees with cybersecurity training

In the fields of cybersecurity and generative AI, Google Cloud is collaborating with CERT-In under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). Through this partnership, government officials and students' cybersecurity skills will advance significantly.

The collaboration between Google Cloud and CERT-In (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team) will considerably increase cybersecurity training and skilling through a number of projects. This involves educating 1,000 government employees who will make up a "cyber force" on the best techniques for cyber defense. Additionally, the projects call for the use of generative AI and the organization of cybersecurity AI hackathons under the direction of Google Cloud and Mandiant front-line professionals.

Chief Executive Officer of Google Cloud said "Together, we are facilitating essential skill development and fostering collaborations to deliver new safe and secure services for Indians across the nation.

Additionally, Google will award 100,000 additional scholarships to community members for Google Cybersecurity Certificates. The Google-created Cybersecurity Certificate will give learners the in-demand skills required for cybersecurity careers.

CERT-In director said, "Harnessing the capability of Generative AI would help us stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape. "The partnership will improve and accelerate the nation's production of skilled labor in the fields of cybersecurity and generative AI.

The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) and Google Cloud are working together to accelerate innovation across the Indian e-commerce sector. This includes a brand-new hackathon for all of India and an expansion of their current ONDC effort. By integrating millions of last-mile retailers into e-commerce on the open network, the ONDC is the Indian government's flagship program to enhance the penetration of e-commerce in India, which is currently limited to roughly 10% of all commerce in the nation. A nationwide hackathon organized by ONDC and Google Cloud will start soon with the goal of fostering creativity and tackling pressing issues affecting India's next billion internet users. Without regard to geographic location, economic class, or digital proficiency, the hackathon aims to create solutions that democratize access to digital commerce. In order to innovate inside the ONDC framework, the event also intends to build an open ecosystem of developers, students, and companies.

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