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SOC – Security Operations Centre

A security operations center (SOC) - sometimes known as an information security operations center, or ISOC - is an in-house or outsourced team of IT security professionals that monitor an organization's complete IT infrastructure 24/7 to detect cybersecurity incidents in real-time and resolve them as fast and effectively as possible.

A SOC also picks, operates, and maintains the organization's cybersecurity systems, as well as continuously analyses threat data to find methods to improve the organization's security posture.


  • ProTechmanize Cyber Security Experts are exposed to a wide range of cyber threats.

  • The ProTechmanize Cyber Security Team actively collects threat intelligence data 24x7.

  • We deploy cutting-edge tools to reduce incident reaction time.

  • Machine Learning and behavior analysis prompt alerts to mitigate dangers.

ProTechmanize Cyber Security Champions have an everlasting passion for indigenous cyber security products and solutions, backed by 18+ years of experience.

Complete data security, with data safely housed in Indian data centers, Subscription-based SOC services that operate on an OPEX model.

ProTechmanize and each of its Cyber Security Warriors have a very specific goal in mind. We want a safe and pleasant digital world. We want to make 1 billion people happy and secure 1 billion gadgets.

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