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Barbie-Related Scams Emerge Following Recent Film Release

According to researchers, Scammers are taking advantage of the popularity of the Barbie movie.

The researchers state that in the last three weeks, they have seen 100 new instances of malware with filenames related to Barbie. Once again, this demonstrates how attackers have seized upon the buzz around the film, anticipating that individuals will click on the malicious files since the name Barbie is popular.

Although the file formats varied, they contained common ones like.html and.exe. Attackers mostly targeted the United States, but they have also targeted other nations.

Researchers have found that scammers frequently use well-liked topics to spread their scams: as Barbie makes her big-screen debut, scammers are hoping to profit from the summer blockbuster. A spate of internet frauds has surfaced, including false downloads of movies that install malware, infections tied to Barbie, and fake videos that claim to offer free tickets but actually direct users to links that utilize spyware to steal personal information.

Cybercriminals are constantly looking for ways to enhance the appeal and plausibility of phishing and other schemes. They frequently use well-attended and well-known events like concerts, athletic events, or movie premieres to lure consumers into clicking on harmful links.

To prevent users from falling victim to these scams, there are numerous recommendations:

Stick with reliable streams and merchants:

Your safest bet online continues to be sticking to well-known, trusted businesses while shopping and browsing. Reputable merchants sell genuine goods. Refund policies also provide a mechanism for you to make up for your loss if fake and copycat goods do find their way onto their markets. Furthermore, reputable streamers will only broadcast programs and events for which they have legal rights. If you come across a streaming deal for something that is highly reduced, free, or not offered by well-known media sites, it's probably a fraud. At the very least, it might be pirated content, which poses a risk for viruses.

Buy tickets from a trustworthy ticketing app or the theater chain:

Opening a fake online box office and charging for tickets is another way scam artists like to profit off a popular ticket. They won't deliver, of course. They'll merely grab your money and credit card information. This can be avoided if you buy your tickets online from the theater or through a trustworthy online movie ticketing app that you can find on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Be wary of sites that appear unprofessional:

When it comes to creating and designing scam websites, online criminals range in sophistication. Others appear to have been thrown together, while some can be fairly legitimate. In any scenario, keep a close watch out for typos, poor site design, and any amount of grammatical issues. Since genuine businesses make every effort to deliver a clean and professional-looking experience, these frequently point to fake websites.

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