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A cyberattack has caused Suzuki Motorcycle India to stop production.

Production at Suzuki Motorcycle India has been halted since May 10, resulting in an estimated loss of over 20,000 vehicles. The company has not revealed the origin of the attack or when production will resume.

Suzuki Motorcycle India was forced to halt production at its plants in New Delhi due to a cyber-attack on its systems. The attack reportedly occurred on May 10, and it is estimated that the company has lost production of over 20,000 vehicles since then.

A Suzuki Motorcycle India spokesperson said in an interview that the company is aware of the incident and has reported it to the relevant government department. The matter is currently under investigation, and for security reasons, the company is unable to provide any further details at this time.

The spokesperson did not disclose when manufacturing will resume or the origin of the attack.

India was a major contributor to Suzuki Motor Corporation's global output in the most recent fiscal year, accounting for 50% of the company's production. Suzuki's global production increased by over 2.2 lakh units in FY23, with India accounting for about 85% of the growth.

Suzuki Motorcycle has a market share of close to 5% in the very competitive Indian two-wheeler industry. The company's overall output in FY23 was made up of over 90% scooters, and it has a 14% market share in the scooter segment.

Suzuki Motor projects a 4.4% increase in global output in FY24, with India expected to remain the main contributor to global sales.

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