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Cloud Hosted Archival

Custom Solutions:

A cloud archive is a storage service for long-term data retention. The archive holds data that is infrequently accessed and may be optimized for security and compliance with data regulation policies. Archiving was considered an early killer app, and it was among the first popular use cases for cloud storage for several reasons:

  • Storing archived data in the cloud can be cost-effective when compared with storing and maintaining large amounts of nonessential data in-house.

  • Using the cloud alleviates the need for buying and upgrading on-premises disk or tape hardware systems and archiving software to manage and store nonprimary data.

  • Archived data rarely has to be brought down from the cloud, a process that can be time-consuming and expensive.

Cloud archiving is often done completely in a public cloud, although there are hybrid setups where data that may require faster access is stored on-premises with only rarely accessed cold data moved off-site. Public clouds require no special on-premises hardware or software. An organization can reduce its data center footprint and use less power and cooling resources by storing data in the cloud. Public cloud archive attributes include elasticity, abstraction (it doesn't matter to the customer if data is stored on tape or disk), durability, and cost.


Equal or better security

Many cloud archiving providers can provide the same or greater level of security than what the largest companies can feasibly provide on-premises. Because securing client data is the top priority, these cloud providers invest and dedicate significantly more resources to processes, data centers, certifications, and other mechanisms to ensure the maximum possible security.

Cost savings

Cloud archiving offers the added benefit of enabling you to scale services up or down to meet specific business usage on an on-demand basis and only pay for services used. Rather than investing in hardware, storage, infrastructure, and software, based on worst-case scenario capacities (which lead to low utilization and limited ROI), organizations typically pay a predictable monthly fee either based on the number of users or volume of data.

Greater data access

To meet today’s demands of anytime/anywhere data access, archiving in the cloud enables end users to connect to their data on demand, from virtually any device, 24/7

Ease of implementation and ongoing support

On-premises archiving solutions typically require significant hardware, software, storage, professional services, and dedicated IT resources for setup and continual maintenance. Cloud-based archiving solutions remove and simplify a significant part of the implementation process as the infrastructure is already set up with the provider, much of the configuration can be done remotely, and IT resources avoid spending time with installation, patching, configuration, and testing software.

Benefits Of Service

  • Business Services

  • Audit & Assurance

  • IT Control Solutions

  • Business Services

  • Audit & Assurance

  • IT Control Solutions

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