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Phishing & Cyber Security Awareness

Raising phishing Awareness

Phishing awareness training starts with educating your employees on why phishing is harmful, and empowering them to detect and report phishing attempts.Through our phishing software and our phishing awareness training, your company will have an easy-to-use platform for employees.


To raise phishing security awareness to the highest levels, our phishing training has a monitoring feature.Monitoring the results of phishing awareness training not only identifies user's who need further training but those who are reliable detectors of phishing. Post-training, many user will report more potential threats to security teams. After prioritizing reports of possible phishing, security teams can respond to real threats faster.



With our training platform each of your user will have access to their own portal to take online courses at times convenient to them. This minimizes disruptions to user's productivity.The training portal is mobile-friendly, allowing users to take training on any device.

Automated Result and Certificate

With our online portal no more waiting for the results. Results and Certificates are instantly generated through portal which will be emailed to user's after completion of training.

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