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IT Security Management Services

We created our continuous penetration testing Services to help you manage risk in a dynamic, cost-effective, and efficient manner. Currently, organisations test their systems only once or twice a year, leaving them vulnerable to new vulnerabilities and attacks as their network and infrastructure evolve.

Continuous Penetration Testing :

Sophisticated adversaries are constantly looking for exposed attack surface to find entry points that can lead to costly data breaches. Let the experts at ProTechmanize perform continuous penetration testing on a regular basis to minimize your exposure to business risk. Much like a person uses a fitness tracker to monitor personal health, continuous pen-tests can be used to show where an organization gained weight (growth of attack surface), identify whether the network is in poor health (vulnerabilities increasing in specific areas) or pinpoint signs of a compromise or security breach. 

Continuous penetration testing is being employed by organizations to approach security testing like determined attackers with time on their side. In these tests, ProTechmanize security experts use custom tools and techniques to identify attack surface, exploit vulnerabilities to compromise the network and provide detailed results to demonstrate business impact. 

The process begins the moment you engage with ProTechmanize as the premier trusted advisor on cybersecurity. These ongoing assessments include manual crawls and foot printing of a network or application and ongoing vulnerability scans and manual verification of findings. 

The consulting team then performs further manual identification and exploitation of application or network vulnerabilities to gain access to sensitive information. ProTechmanize provides detailed reporting of all security issues discovered and comprehensive remediation recommendations.

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