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Secure Access Solution

Secure Access is an access control service that includes authentication. It adds an extra layer of protection to Internet-facing web applications. Secure Access performs as an intermediary between the requests of users and the servers of the corporate web applications.

Secure Access solution provides an identity based granular access control solution based on the principles of Software Defined Perimeter (SDP). SDP concepts have been derived from the military, especially the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), where every device is pre-attested before it can ‘connect’ to the network followed by verification of the identity of the user using MFA leading to knowing exactly what device was being used and by whom to access the application. With the device & user’s knowledge, ISA can ensure that the device and the user are can ‘see’ and ‘access’ the data, that they have ‘prior approval’ to see or access – the ‘need-to-know’ access model.

Benefits of Secure Access Solution:

1. Connect Remote Devices to the Corporate Domain

2. Make All Devices Compliant with Active Directory® Policies

3. Push Other Directory Services like LDAP, Radius, SAML, etc. to All Devices

4. Bulk Access Management to Save Time

5. Connect to SaaS Applications Securely

6. Easy-to-Use Centralized Single Pane Management

7. Ability to Migrate to Office 365

8. Unified Password Complexity Management Ability

9. Specify Temporary or Permanent Access

10. Data Encryption: 128/256-bit AES

11. Multi-Factor Authentication - Password + OTP (Optional)

12. Device Binding to The User (Optional)

13. Rule and Role-based Access Control

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