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Vulnerability Assessment

Identifying vulnerabilities in internet-facing systems is an important first step for any organisation to improve their security posture. However, maintaining the security of publicly facing networks is challenging as network environments are constantly evolving, new services are being offered and new security vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered in existing services.

Vulnerability Scanning service :
Protechmanize’s vulnerability scanning service can help to determine your organisation’s exposure to attack from the internet, in an efficient and cost-effective way. We can conduct single scans across corporate infrastructure to a complete global vulnerability scanning programme to regularly assure the security of your internet perimeter and gateways. Our high quality, easy-to-understand reports give you clear and actionable recommendations to remediate any security issues identified.
• Regularly detect and alert you to vulnerabilities
• Interpret scan results and provide clear and well-written vulnerability advice, written by consultants
• Provides statistical trends on the security posture of your organisation’s internet footprint

Discovery service :
Our discovery service continually monitors an organisation’s external presence for new applications and services and alerts you when there are changes.
• Identify new services as soon as they become live, which reduces your risk exposure
• Provides governance and monitors effectiveness of change controls
• Changes are highlighted.

Why do I need this in addition to manual penetration testing?
Manual penetration testing is highly valuable and necessary but is usually conducted on an annual or less frequent basis. Over the course of a year, new vulnerabilities will emerge which may not be visible to security managers until their next manual test. The purpose of this is to provide more frequent assurance on the security of your organisation’s internet-facing infrastructure and complement annual penetration tests.