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Email Archiving is the process of capturing, preserving, and making easily searchable all email traffic to and from a given individual, organization, or service. Email archiving solutions capture email content either directly from the email server itself (journaling) or during message transit.

The benefits of email archiving include the recovery of lost or accidentally deleted emails, accelerated audit response, preservation of the intellectual property contained in business email and its attachments and "eDiscovery" in the case of litigation or internal investigations (what happened when, who said what).

Key Features

Regulatory compliance

Role-based security controls ensure that only authorized personnel have access to data within the archive, and comprehensive audit trails record every system and user activity.

Litigation and Legal Discovery

Allows your IT department to easily apply litigation holds, prevent evidence spoliation and ensure a smooth eDiscovery process without paying thousands of dollars for data retrieval

Storage Management

When organizations impose email quotas, they do so to prevent infinite storage growth and prevent poor server performance. Email archiving brings relief to your servers and allows you to abandon quotas completely.

Unified Repository

With email archiving, you centralize your email records which are now distributed across various devices or servers.

IT Productivity

A fully searchable archive with easy export options will save a lot of time and trouble to everyone involved.

Knowledge Base

Even if your organization belongs to an unregulated industry, your email archive will be a vast repository of corporate knowledge.


Investing thousands of dollars in an email archiving solution might sound like a huge cost for your business, but compared to millions that get spent on non-compliance fines, it’s a sound investment

End-User Monitoring

With an email archive, you can define policies, set rules and keywords that can signal employee misconduct. When a specified word is used, your compliance officers and admin will be notified.

Disaster Recovery

With email archiving, you can add a second layer of protection and security to your data by mirroring all your archived data to a DR solution.

Just outsource the risk!

Email archiving is an automated process which works in the background and that can save you many hours of cleaning your inbox manually

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